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Who we are


Arthur Burns has long been a part of the Mosgiel Community. It was established in January 1998 as part of the Arthur Burns Primary school. It was in March 2007 that the Teachers and children moved into a purpose-built building next to Silverstream Primary school

Arthur Burns Te Kaupapa

Here at Arthur Burns our approach to education for our young tamariki is founded on the principles, strands and goals of our bi cultural curriculum Te Whāriki.

We value and build on the knowledge and experiences that children and their whānau bring with them from home and the wider community.

We strongly believe that parent—teacher collaboration is key to a successful educational experience.  We provide an open door policy where parents and whānau are encouraged and welcomed to spend time at Preschool and be involved in their child's learning aspirations and share their knowledge.  

We value manākitanga where teachers embrace and respect the protection of Te Ao Māori, ensuring the participation of Māori learners and working in partnership with Māori whānau. 

Our daily program embraces all cultures within Aotearoa and these are respected and naturally woven through routines, languages, music, art and stories.

As a Preschool we advocate the importance of achieving smooth transitions where children gain a sense of belonging while being supported, comforted and guided by teachers, parents and whānau.

All children are given the opportunities to develop skills and attributes within their learning environment that nurtures their emotional, social, cognitive and physical abilities that promotes a love of learning.

Kaiako recognise the value of ako, spontaneous play and self initiated learning opportunities that enable the children time and space to discover, explore and experiment. 

We strive to provide an environment that encourages children to become confident communicators and independent learners who make their own decisions to develop their sense of responsibility and contribution. 


“Whangaia ka tupu ka puawai”

That which is nurtured grows and blossoms.

Priorities for learning

Our priorities for tamariki are based on what we value as the foundations for lifelong learning. These priorities underpin our curriculum and support our teaching team, in maintaining a clear focus on individual tamariki. Our priorites also reflect Te whāriki’s principles, strands and learning outcomes whilst acknowledging the environmental context in which tamariki learn. 


Belonging- Tamariki and their whanau know they belong and have a sense of connection to others and the environment. 

Independent learners- Helping children build resilience and a sense of self worth and responsibilty, being able to make decisions and contribute to their learning. 

Active explorers- Supporting and challenging tamariki to experiment, explore, adapt and make sense of their wider world. 

Socially confident- Friendships, participation and equitable opportunites for all. Learn how to engage positively with others fostering manaakitanga, kaitiakitanga and whanaungatanga. 

Confident communicators- Encouraging tamariki to develop increasing competence and understanding of a wide range of languages, including sign, mathematics, visual imagery, drama, rythmn, music and movement. Tamariki’s identlity, belonging and wellbeing will be enhanced through mana reo. 

Pathways to Kura- Supporting tamariki’s learning continuity as they transition to school. 

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